Daily Activities

Fun and Engaging

Our calendar of activities is carefully planned so that every participant has the chance to experience a range of activities that will enrich their lives physically, mentally, and socially. Whether participating in active or passive activities, taking part in our offerings is a great way for participants to be happier and healthier by leaving loneliness behind and participating in healthful and engaging activities. Services provided include:

Cognitive Groups

We start everyday with Occupational Therapy and activities that stimulate the mind and/or fine motor function. We'll often discuss current events, reminisce, or work through simple puzzles together to wake up and maintain mental function. It's also a great time to check in with how everyone is doing and take care of basic nursing services as necessary.

Three Friends Laughing

Exercise & Physical Therapy Maintenance

We have a mixed population with varying needs and abilities. That's why we have various exercise groups to make sure that participants are maintaining their physical strength, stamina, and flexibility. We usually play lively music, and the staff has as much fun as the participants as they get their bodies moving.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Social Worker Therapy Groups

Depending on their individualized care plans, participants may join weekly meetings to discuss social, emotional, or physical challenges as they come up. In these support groups, they can share and know they're not alone. Together, we may discuss common challenges, as well as some of the tools to face and overcome those challenges for greater health and well-being.

Therapy Session

Active Games

We provide a variety of ability-appropriate games for all of our participants. Whether it's Table Bowling, Armchair Volleyball (with a beach-ball), or a Ring Toss, our participants always look forward to playing with their peers.

Happy seniors raising hands

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts is one of the more classic activities available. As with all of our services, we take into account participants' abilities and needs to provide activities that nurture their creativity. We may incorporate seasonal themes, or invite the participants to reminisce along the way. Either way, the activities let them maintain their fine-motor function in an engaging way.

Painting with Watercolor

Table & Social Games

Bingo is probably the undisputed favorite game for participants. We also offer Loteria, Spanish picture-bingo. It's an opportunity to bridge our Spanish and English-speaking populations through pictures. Small groups often play dominoes, or work on puzzles together. We also offer live game show type activities that always invite audience involvement.

playing dominoes.jpg

Sing Alongs

We often have sing alongs to popular crowd favorites. It's exciting to see some participants come alive when a familiar, beloved tune starts to play. We have a lot of fun reminiscing and reliving old times through music.

Vintage Gramophone

Complete Care

Based on Participant needs, other Services provided at IEADHC may include:

Warm, Balanced Lunch

Nursing Services


1 on 1 meetings with an LCSW


Health Seminars

Theater Group


Seasonal & Birthday Celebrations

Service Dog Therapy


"During my first 6 months, attending the Center I have felt very welcomed by the staff and Participants. My attendance here is 5 days per week which I look forward to every week. They provide group activities daily, such as OT groups, games, exercise classes, music, and art. They also provide balanced meals for lunch."


"I enjoy this establishment; I am motivated when I arrive. The nurses, staff and friends that I have are a pleasure to be acquainted with. My daughter has seen the positive changes in me and the socialization here has helped me a lot as well. This is a good establishment."


“I love going to the center because I have made so many friends. Every day that I go, I feel happy and get excited to all the fun things they have planned. Truly, Inland Empire Adult Day Health Care has made a difference in my life! Thank you to all staff who have inspired me and made a difference!”